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Fledgling Kids  July 2016.

Free Spirit Blog     October 11, 2014 "Guest post:  Rose colored glasses in the early childhood classroom"

texaslibrarylady  July 2013 "Being the Best Me"

Textbooks August 16, 2012 "Book Series Review: Learning to Get Along by Cheri J. Meiners"

robyn-campbell.blogspot  April 27, 2012 "Know and Follow Rules"

mommasbacon  March 1, 2012  "Product Review: Join In and Play (Learning To Get Along) [Paperback] (Ages 4+)"

squidoo  "Learning to Get Along- Best Kids Books Series"

sixcranberries.blogspot  February 7, 2012  "Cool Down and Work Through Anger"

Orange County Register  December 2, 2011  "Low-income O.C. kids get service lesson, free books"

chaimommas  September 27, 2012  "learning to get along book series – educating children about social situations and expectations"

congregationalstewardship   September 9, 2011.  Reach out and Give

donors choose  May 26, 2010  "Reading builds character in Kindergarten