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1.  Radio Interview with Writer's Voice. 

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Cheri Meiners’ wonderful Learning to Get Along series teaches kids the social skills they need to develop successful relationships with others and themselves.
In titles such as Reach Out And Give, Cool Down And Work Through Anger, and Understand And Care, the series communicates complex ideas in a simple but powerful way, accompanied by expressive illustrations that beautifully complement the text. Although geared to ages 4 to 8, they are apt for any age — even adults can learn something from them. The books include activities parents and teacher can do with children to deepen their understanding.
The series is also available as a software program for classrooms. Reach Out and Give won an award for best children’s book about volunteering; the books are also translated into several languages.
Find out more about the Learning To Get Along Series on Cheri Meiners’ website.

2.  Web nterview with Dr. Robyn Silverman 

by DrRobyn on July 29, 2008

Dr. Robyn Reads Try and Stick With It and Interviews Author, Cheri Meiners
Dr. Robyn: We are focusing on the Powerful Word, Determination, this month. The students are learning how they can use determination in their lives everyday! What are some easy and interesting ways that parents can help their children learn determination?
Meiners: The ‘Try and Stick with it’ book includes several fun activities at the back for parents to do with their children, as well as 12 strategies that children can use to develop perseverance and determination (note, see video of Dr. Robyn reading the book above). Parents can also talk about people who have shown determination in overcoming a problem, or at developing a new skill. This can be done through reading biographies, or talking about people you know. You might also discuss scenarios that children typically face, such as those in the book, and talk about how it feels to accomplish something that you put your mind to.
Dr. Robyn: What made you decide to write the book?
Meiners: I started writing this series and this book, particularly, to help children see how a skill like determination is developed, and what the positive outcomes can be. The first books I wrote were for my own children, and I realized that other parents could benefit from having these character building skills taught visually and logically to a child. The books are written in the first person so that the child, through repetition, begins to understand and apply the principles internally.
There are two themes that I wanted to address in this book. The first is that we all need to have the flexibility, courage, and determination to try new things. The determination to try something new builds self-confidence, and is the starting point for future growth. And then, of course, it takes determination to continue in a challenging path—but it brings rewards to oneself and others.
Dr. Robyn: All the Powerful Words Member Schools are teaching the youngest students that determination is a “no quit-go-for-it attitude.” We want children to learn the importance of seeing things through until they reach the end. In your view, why is it so important for children to learn to “stick with it.”
Meiners: Everything that a person learns, knows and accomplishes comes from ‘sticking with something’ because all skills take time and practice to develop. A person who has practiced determination is also much stronger and able to handle adversity when faced with it. We all face problems and challenges, and determination can help in overcoming them. All the medical and technical advances and artistic works that we enjoy in our culture are the result of determined individuals. Each of us has something important to share with others, but those skills and our own character must be developed through perseverance and determination. When children ‘stick with it’, they also learn about themselves–what things they like to do, and what things they are good at. ‘Sticking with it’ will also help a child get along with others because other people will learn to trust and count on a person who has the determination to follow through with commitments.
Dr. Robyn: Sometimes it can be difficult for young children to see things through until they reach the end. For parents and teachers, it can be hard to watch their children cope with failure and rough spots along the way to success. How can parents help to support determination in their children when children are struggling?
Meiners: Giving praise and encouragement for children’s efforts can motivate children to develop greater determination, and when used consistently is a powerful tool in shaping behavior. Also, be specific in pointing out the steps that they have already taken in reaching a particular goal, and let them know you believe in their ability to accomplish it.
Thank you!
drrobynsig170 Dr. Robyn Silverman Interviews Cheri Meiners and Reads Her Children's Book
cheri meiners Dr. Robyn Silverman Interviews Cheri Meiners and Reads Her Children's Book
Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., has her master’s degree in elementary education and gifted education. A former first-grade teacher, she has taught education classes at Utah State University and has supervised student teachers. Cheri and her husband, David, have six children. They live in Laurel, Maryland.
Want to Read the Book Yourself? Here’s how! Try and Stick With It (Learning to Get Along) Dr. Robyn Silverman Interviews Cheri Meiners and Reads Her Children's Book