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'Chaimommas' endorse the 'Learning to Get Along' series

The entire September 27, 2012 article by Neesha can be found at

Learning to get along book series - Educating children about social situations and expectations

I came across a set of books that have made a huge difference in his understanding of getting along with others and building social skills.

It's called the Learning to Get Along Series by Cheri J. Meiners. The entire series covers almost every possible social situation your child can experience with other kids or even adults such as teachers, parents or family members. The books focus on decision making based on your social environment, which I think is critical for all kids to understand at a young age. It ranges from dealing with situations at school to being aware and making good choices in any social environment.

So what's so different about these books? At the end of each book, the author provides ways to reinforce what the book has explained and a set of games to play with your child to better understand the concepts. Some of these scenarios and games are a bit difficult for him at age two, but I can ask it in a different way where he will understand. He can grow into these books for the next few years.

I highly recommend these books for kids of all ages. The illustrations are great and the stories are very simple yet to the point.