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Book Series Review: Learning to Get Along by Cheri J. Meiners

by Greg on August 16, 2012
How many times in your life have you had trouble getting along with someone else? It happens to everyone. It might be you or it might be the other person who is causing this back-and-forth struggle. People of all ages experience this, and perhaps it happens more often with younger individuals who are not as well-versed on solving conflicts in order to get along with everyone as much as possible.

Cheri J. Meiners wrote a series of 15 children’s books called “Learning to Get Along.” This book series is designed to help young children learn, understand, and practice some of the most basic skills for social situations and emotional dilemmas. The books contain a number of concrete examples of common conflicts that people experience in their lives every day. The books also discuss diversity and how person is unique. These books can be used in a daycare environment, in schools that offer pre-K or kindergarten classes, or at home so that parents can read them with their children. They are designed to be read aloud as well to help reinforce the messages in them. Each book focuses on one specific skill and concludes with some concrete ideas so that young readers will walk away with something to remember.

The first book in the series, titled Share and Take Turns, was published in March 2003 by Free Spirit Publishing. As the book’s title suggests, this book explores the practice of sharing by presenting children with specific examples and illustrations that might come up during their childhood and later in life as an adult. It helps kids understand the importance of sharing, how and why people should share, and what the benefits of this practice are to everyone involved.

The other books in the series include:
- Accept and Value Each Person
- Be Careful and Stay Safe
- Be Honest and Tell the Truth
- Be Polite and Kind
- Cool Down and Work Through Anger
- Join In and Play
- Know and Follow Rules
- Listen and Learn
- Reach Out and Give
- Respect and Take Care of Things
- Talk and Work It Out
- Try and Stick with It
- Understand and Care
- When I Feel Afraid

The series has received several awards and nominations. These include the ‘Carol D. Reiser Children’s Book Award in 2008, a finalist for the Teacher’s Choice Award for Learning Magazine in 2006, and a nomination as one of the top 5 series on the Character Education Series booklist in 2005.
Meiners, the author of the series, has a Master’s degree in Elementary and Gifted Education from Utah State University. She is a world traveler and has taught at many educational levels, from first grade up to the college level. For more information on her and the book series, visit