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Tips and a FREE ACTIVITY to help kids Grow Strong!

By Cheri J. Meiners, author of the Learning to Get Along®andBeing the Best Me! series Children, though young and small, have within them everything they need to grow to adulthood. As children learn to love and appreciate their amazing bodies, they will likely find motivation to develop healthy habits for building and maintaining wellness. Some of these key habits are eating healthy foods, especially those from plants; drinking clean water; moving and exercising in the fresh air and sunshine; and getting plenty of sleep. Establishing patterns of good eating, exercise, and sleep requires self-discipline, which will aid children in building strong muscles and bones, making friends, learning well, and feeling a greater sense of control over their lives. Here are some important, common-sense principles that children can begin to incorporate into their routines now. At the end of this post, there is an activity to do with kids to help reinforce these healthy concepts. Healthy Eating
Establish …

GROW STRONG! A book about Healthy Habits

Grow Strong! A Book about healthy habits is now available  It focuses on habits that will help kids grow strong physically, mentally and emotionally.  As my last book of this series, I hope this will teach and motivate children to eat a healthy diet, get exercise  and take care of themselves.